Effective Content Marketing To Reach Life Scientists

Content Creation & Distribution

Managing your own content marketing program is really hard.

Organizations often struggle to:

  • Generate content with enough regulatory to make an impact
  • Create content that genuinely resonates with and influences their audience
  • Distribute that content to the right audience

But it doesn't have to be that way.

BiteSize Bio can both create and share content for you. Whether you need us to help create it for you, or repurpose it and provide a ready-made platform that will help you maximize its impact!

Article Creation and Distribution

Articles are:

  • Written on your behalf, to your specification, by PhD-educated science writers supported by an expert editorial team.
  • Placed permanently in the relevant channel on Bitesize Bio.
  • Prominently displayed on the Bitesize Bio homepage for at least three weeks and on the channel home page for at least 6 weeks.
  • Featured in at least two email newsletters.
  • Benefit from Bitesize Bio’s SEO authority to attract organic traffic on an ongoing basis.
  • Used to drive product visibility via a custom call to action in the footer of the article that leads to your product/service.
  • Harnessed for lead generation via the permanent placement of your eBook/downloads alongside each article.

Educational Masterclasses

If your company has made the exceptional effort to provide a significant volume of useful educational content to your customers and prospects on topics related to the products you sell, we can offer you a way to productively repurpose this educational content in your marketing strategy.

In order to turn a lead into a customer, one touchpoint is not enough. You must positively impact leads with neutral, useful educational content 7-13 times before they will even begin to consider your product pitch.

Our Educational Masterclasses go far beyond this and are the ultimate upgrade for your Content Funnel or Pay- Per-Lead campaign. Delivered as an ongoing nurturing email sequence they allow you deliver educational influence and subtle product messaging directly to your leads for as long as you wish, while continually measuring their level of sales-qualification.

The process is:

  1. Our team works with you to identify suitable educational content on your website or other channels to populate the email series that will be your Educational Masterclass. We'll also note the product messaging you wish to weave into the mix.
  2. We write the Educational Masterclass email sequence, to be delivered weekly or bi-weekly. Each email highlights one piece of content and contains a footnote linking to a relevant product.
  3. The Educational Masterclass is offered as the lead generation piece as part of your pay-per-lead or content funnel campaign to generate leads.
  4. Each lead stays in the masterclass sequence until they opt-out (which is typically rare) or until they reach the end of your sequence (which you can extend for as long as you wish).
  5. You can add more emails to the sequence at any time to extend the influence and impact on each collected lead.
  6. You receive ongoing reports that score your leads based on their activity in the masterclass sequence so you know who to prioritize for followup.
  7. We can work with your marketing and sales team to optimize the masterclass on an on-going basis to turn it into a finely tuned sales funnel in addition to being a valuable resource for your customers.
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